Congratulations to Alison Hurst on completing her Masters degree in Music Therapy, from Anglia Ruskin University, in March 2013.

Alison is currently working as a Music teacher and will begin her practise as a Music therapist in July 2013 following registration.

Alison's Graduation from Anglia Ruskin will be in October, and no doubt there will be photographs in the 2013 Eyelights newsletter!

Our 2013 range of sunglasses, Reflections and Mexx, is now in the practice, available with non-prescription or prescription lenses, and all lenses have UV400 protection.

These sunglasses offer great value, with non-prescription lenses at £29.95 complete, and prescription lenses from £90.00 depending upon whether they have single vision, bifocal or varifocal lenses.

We also offer Bolle sportswear sunglasses that are stylish and tough with a wide selection of lenses suited to many sports eg golf, sailing, skiing, cycling etc. This year we also have Bolle sunglasses for children.

Today, 11th April 2013, our brand new website has been launched!!

It has a bright, clear look, with banner photos sliding to show each service and page that you'll find inside.

Enjoy the pages, and we look forward to your comments. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter